Ian Chamberlain

Ian Chamberlain is a Bristol based artist whose work is influenced from man-made technology and architectural forms. These have included structures within industry, agriculture, science and the military. 

The work aims to reinterpret these man-made structures as monuments placed within the landscape. These structures in turn then become monuments of their time. The prints serve as a visual historical document and record.The represented structures are devoid of people and the architectural scale can no longer be based on the physical measurement of the human body.

The specific use of etching allows these layers to be seen and brings an emotive quality and response to the work. The etchings aim to become a visual experience of the subject being worked on and changed at each state. The states are different comments, a journey of recording the object.

Ian is interested in the use of a traditional print processes, such as etching, recording subject matter that is generally at the cutting edge of technology for its time.
His aim is to represent and interpret the form and function of these objects. The etching process has not significantly altered for over 500 years which adds to Ian’s interest in recording new technology with such a traditional and hands on process.