Jade They

 Jade They is a printmaker based in South London. Her prints are often centered on literature, landscapes & her Chinese / English background. Jade has exhibited at Bankside Gallery, The South Hill Park Art Centre, London Illustration Fair, London Print Studio and Neo:gallery, amongst others.

Her most recent work explores the theme of folklore; these tales don’t merely stop at the country’s edge, like the syntax of language, there seems to be an unknowingly shared structure underlying many of these beliefs throughout the world that were told to explain the things around us and the spiritual world, and still resonate in the imagination to this day.

Jade mainly utilises the relief-print technique, drawing from the long history the process has had in both Chinese and English culture. She combines the way the Chinese artists have transformed the painted line and the way that English artists created impact through using colour, then combining this with screen-print techniques to create a style all her own. The idea that she can bring these two very different visual styles together in the same print, along with style of her own, continues to fascinate her and drives her on to make more work.