Jane Bain

 Jane Bain is a London-based printmaker with a fascination for light, texture and scale. Her latest work explores the concept of something old making an impression on something new, drawing inspiration from objects she’s grown with. In these screen prints, an object leaves an imprint on the newspaper from which it has been unwrapped. The images are entwined with layers of pattern and texture. Along side these prints she has been creating a series called Today’s News where the artist has screen printed newspapers and combined them with images of fish as in the old saying “today’s news, tomorrows fish paper.”

Within all her prints Bain combines various screen printing techniques which include monoprinting to create a variation of colour and texture, embracing the accidentals.

Bain studied art and design at Wimbledon School of Art and the London College of Printing and lived in Singapore and Hong Kong for a while, where she also studied Chinese calligraphy.