Jennifer Merrell

 Jennifer Merrell’s work focuses on memory and nostalgia. Her post card series is inspired by the photo albums of two sisters, Sybil and Celia Secker. Using a combination of digital print and etching she has combined their holiday photos with images and texts from postcards. From the chilly seafront of Deal-1946 to the colourful sun-soaked Lugano 1971 these postcards evoke not just a sense of how it feels to be on holiday but contain a potted history of the British holiday in the post war years.

Having a Lovely Time displays the faux glamour of a Viennese Ballroom recreated in a Butlin’s holiday camp. The monochrome dancers rotate under a canopy of glitter.

If the past is a foreign country, here we can view it through rose coloured glasses. Holiday memories can be blurred and adapted to cheer us for the rest of the year.

Jennifer Merrell completed an MA in Printmaking at UAL Camberwell 2018