Jess Bugler

Jess Bugler has won prizes at the National Original Print Exhibition in 2014 and 2018 and exhibited in the International Print Biennale, the Flourish Awards, the Royal West Academy Open Exhibition and The Masters-Relief Print.

Her latest series of work was created while recipient of the Peter Reddick Bursary Award, it interrogates the idea of the self in the aftermath of trauma, Auden’s “nuances of damage” and what remains. Where each piece is a portrait, an attempt to capture a sensation played out through the repeating metaphor of pollarded trees.

Herman identifies that “Traumatic events are extraordinary not because they occur rarely but because they overwhelm ordinary human adaptations to life… (They involve) a destruction of the belief that one can be oneself in relation to others.”

These works use the material qualities of print: - repetition; surface; layers to realise these portraits. Exploiting the fragility of the prints and plates themselves.

These works include a series of prints called Erasure:- Here charcoal drawings of a pollarded tree were transformed into layered linocut prints where ideas of fluidity and weight compete. These graduated, desaturated prints evoke a sense of imminent absence and reference the writing of Rachel Cusk.