Ji Yu Deng

Deng's practice originated from the teachings of Dao by Zhuangzi, an ancient Chinese philosopher. He is inspired by the absence of being, the emptying of consciousness so as to embrace the entirety of Oneness.

"My works are my understandings of the passage of emptying our hearts to embrace Dao, to place ourselves beyond the moment of ‘here’ in the sequence of time."

As a printmaker, Deng is entranced by the technique of lithography for its uncertainty. The stone is his 'meditative' platform, raw and unprocessed from nature. The action and interaction of the artist and the polished limestone surface is the organic process to which man and nature work together. As from Dao, comes the creation of man and nature, the making of this work reconciles them back to the path of Dao.

"Each time I interact with the plate, the image and I go through a passage not a process. Passing organically from one place to another, finding ourselves on an extensive voyage of in-betweenness."