Jo Gorner

Jo Gorner’s works are a rewording, a way to elucidate experience using the drawn mark, colour and the juxtaposition of form, evoking and reframing memory and experience. The marks are a rushing of breath, the tension of waiting and a gentle interaction with nature. The landscape can help to frame this response, but the work does not represent a landscape.

Over the past 30 years Gorner has regularly travelled and worked around the west coast of Ireland and Scotland, and has spent time at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Co.Mayo, Ireland. She is now based in Yorkshire, where the panoramic upland landscape continues to influence a sense of place within her work.

As a printmaker, the relief and etching techniques she uses, allow space and time to consider an image, facilitating the passage from thought to paper. The quality of the marks she achieves, the presence of the hand and incidence of chance, are all integral to the work.

Gorner studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University, 1979 – 1982, and completed an MA in printmaking at Manchester Metropolitan University, 1994. From 2013 – 16 she was a part time doctoral researcher at LICA, Lancaster University.