Jo Mc Allister

These four collograph prints are part of my ongoing series of twelve prints titled ’12 views of Denny Isle’. Denny Isle is a small rocky outcrop in the River Severn estuary, that is a focal point in the landscape reflecting the influence of Hokusai in my compositions.

Much of my work is influenced by this semi industrial-urban landscape, which is out on the edge of Bristol in the South West of England. A hinterland or ‘edgeland’ to use the phrase from the writer Robert Macfarlane. My emerging spatial geometric aesthetic captures this unique sense of vast emptiness. The materiality of my collographs have a physicality that imparts a visceral sense of being embodied in the landscape. The use of unused cigarette card, carborundum and masking tape on my plates imparts this materiality.

This artwork reflects my interest in what we consume and how this creates interacting relationships between us and the landscape.