Joanne Northey

Joanne Northey graduated with a BFA Honours Degree in Fine Print from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland in 2018. She is now a full-time member of Black Church Print Studio. From Greystones, county Wicklow; She is now based in Dublin city centre. The concentration and variety of humans within the city is an unrelentingly source of inspiration in her etchings and material pieces. Layering line drawing and aquatinted compositions aim to convey a sense of unfolding possibilities within an image.

No organ is more promiscuous than the eye, and no appetite more insatiable than the hunger to look.

Her ongoing self-directed practice revolves around the perception of gender and sex as two disconnected and uncoordinated entities, how gender functions completely autonomously from sex. Simultaneously how gender constricts a person and doesn't; and how perceived stereotypes can affect a person(s). Ambiguity is the power, in which to subvert the demand to meet expectations and resist being stereotyped. The need for abstraction is the need to own, reclaim and subvert the existing language, even transform it entirely. How can queer abstraction reframe our thinking in regard to our identities and the function of our bodies?