Jonathan Parker

Known for his portrait paintings in which he depicts the figure on their feet, artist Jonathan Parker has a long-established interest in how the idea of honour can be presented; 'being' as opposed to 'becoming'.

Tall in stature himself, Parker looks for the vertical dynamic when creating artworks but also puts emphasis on the environment, the fragility of which concerns him greatly. Often he suggests depth with a far horizon, the distance creating space for other ideas and symbols to appear for the mind to consider. Broadly they signal the action of time.
“I'm trying to solve the puzzle of life and death not only as I see it but also as I perceive it with the motivation for each artwork hidden at first and only gradually revealed over time; a bit like a remembered dream.”  

Parker’s use of an unusual blue-black-grey monochrome is common through his work because he finds drawing and painting sit closely together with such a palette. By creating a stencil for each composition (differentiating between earth and space or light and dark) the artist can anchor the subsequent passages of more lyrical brushwork and give the artwork's atmosphere permanence.