Jono Vaughan

Jono Vaughan focuses on the visibility and depiction of the transgender body in Western art. Her lithographs challenge viewers to imagine a visual culture in which the nude trans body is seen as normal in both the historical and contemporary realms.

Neither the reimagining of historical works nor the nude self-portrait motif are new to the viewing public, but the depiction of the trans body in a non-photographic manner remains shocking and uncomfortable for many, perhaps in particular because our bodies are mostly visible via online pornographic materials. In addition to the serious presentation of the trans body, there is also a playfulness in Vaughans processes. That which is historic, is recreated via stylus and iPad in ways that mimic the marks and textures of traditional lithography and then printed from a photo positive plate. Whereas that which was photographic, the bathroom selfie, is printed from a hand drawn ball ground plate. The additional layers of questions that these material choices produce, enhance the dialog between image and viewer.