Joseph Goody

Joseph Goody graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2011 with the Neville Burston award for painting. Then studied at the Prince’s Drawing School (now the Royal Drawing School) where he won The Patrons Club Prize in 2012.

His inspiration is the tension between the spontaneous and meditated actions in painting, and how painting provides this opportunity for something wonderful and authentic to result from such disparate activities.

His compositions of painterly geometric forms and broad kinetic curves are restrained by a tension which is deliberately and systematically enforced. Forms are built up through the painting so they appear dependent upon one another, creating a grid-like connection visible across and underneath the surface. The constituent forms dissipate into the layers of paint, and the viewer is left to consider which are the contrived and which are the coincidental marks. Working in an experimental palette adds a depth of beauty to the paintings and the finished works sit in a serene space, luxuriating in colour and encouraging the viewer to meditate on the underlying complexities that brought them into being.