Julia Colmenares

Colmenares’ prints experiment with the process of mono-printing, combining the expressive gestural mark of the hand/rag to the harder edges of various tools. The image is wiped reductively away from a steel plate covered in rolled ink. Fragments: flowers, clouds, fireflies and suggestions of the body emerge from the unconscious, observation and from imagined sources. The works take their inspiration from an 18th century walled garden near the artist’s flat. Entry is forbidden. The inhabitants of this gated space multiply - weeds mostly, continue to thrive, while the soil lies dormant and greenhouses crumble. Nature takes over.

Existential, a wobbly reality is held in place by the more mundane aspects of life: working to live, walking the dog, London, transport to and from the studio, etc. Nature is the conduit between the inner and outer worlds of the human psyche. The practice of print and painting opens a visual and sensory portal to respite.

Trained in San Francisco, the artist worked briefly as an illustrator. She studied painting first in France, completing an MA in Fine Art at London at Byam Shaw School of Art. She maintains a studio in East London and has exhibited in London and abroad.