Julia Marco Campmany

"My practice ties together drawing and walking as key elements informing my work. Both activities are responsive to a preconfigured space. I am interested in the point where restriction meets intuitive response. For me, this is intrinsically linked to perambulating: when I draw and when I walk, the decisions are made rapidly."

From the frenetic city environment to the meticulous observation of still life, Julia's work results of the observation of the world around us, perceived through walks and hikes. "Walking and pausing are acts that are not in line with the rush of our time."

She 'reclaims' the pause as a conscious and committed action - walking even in the hectic city environment; walking as a modus operandi.

Paul Klee defined drawing as ‘taking a line for a walk’. This is a description the artist relates to.

The sensations collected through her walks are organised in abstract paths of sensations on paper. She attempts to gather this constant research process, filling notebooks and papers as a diary capturing the journey, escaping the transcendent logic of the finished piece. These series are not intended as an accumulation of conclusions but as an invitation to a changing world of infinite possibilities.

"Walking is the right speed to understand, and drawing is the right speed to tell."

Julia recently graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art.