Julia Rodrigues

Julia Rodrigues graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2012 with an MA in printmaking and has since worked professionally in universities and schools teaching a variety of printmaking techniques. She specialises in Intaglio Engraving techniques.
“My approach to printmaking highlights the physical aspect of it. I am interested in the act of imprint. I explore repetition as a ritual or mantra that opens the path towards spirituality and freeing ourselves from the banality of everyday life, and ultimately on the path to enlightenment.”

The Penal Colony series evolved from, and is related to, a contemporary concept of spirituality, specifically the concept of repetition and ritual, hence the pursuit of a repertoire of signs, daily rituals and emotions registered in a personal language of marks and patterns which the artist has been working and developing since 2010.

 “The main inspiration for my work is the juxtaposition of Repetition/ Ritual and mark making with the Frank Kafka Short story, ‘Penal Colony’,  in which a machine is invented to punish people, through ‘enlightening’ the prisoner.