Karl-Peter Penke

Karl-Peter Penke studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design, Camberwell College of Arts, the Prince's Drawing School (now the Royal Drawing School), and the Royal College of Art.

The artist sources his playful work from observations of the world. The complexities which bombard our day-to-day interactions, together with our nagging historical baggage, are pulped, filtered and regurgitated as pictorial vignettes:

“I suppose it’s about resistance – the idea of unexpected obstructions, and the manner of our response. It could be little, harmless things, like knocking over a mug of tea, or being jostled as you board a train, or it could be something more abstract, such as liking someone more than you should, or the democratic election of an unlikely candidate to high political office. How do you deal with unease? My anachronistic, apocalyptic, superhero soldiers, sometimes headless, appeared when I returned to the UK from Germany five years ago, an unreflected and intuitive etching process created from my own angst using childhood memories. Reality through fiction; an analogue invention in a very perplexing, digitalised, world.”