Kate Fraser

The over-arching theme of Kate Fraser’s work is the accidental poetry of the commonplace. She explores the buildings and spaces of urban life, from small public buildings to large industrial landscapes, particularly in the ‘edgelands’, the functional rather than picturesque areas on the outskirts of cities which are often over-looked or taken for granted. These are places where things are made and industry happens and Kate’s work attempts to find qualities of beauty in them. She further explores the fictions of solidity and stasis, represented by Architecture, versus those of fluidity and change represented by roads and transport routes.

The works function as both literal records of the urban environment as well as metaphorical studies which leave interpretation open to the viewer. Through the creation of the artworks, the buildings depicted develop a character of their own and become imbued with memories and associations connected with the time and place in which they were created. They become containers for projected emotions, representing loss, grief, expansiveness, pathos or joy.

Fraser is a painter and a printmaker. She works with various printmaking techniques, but mainly intaglio printing, using copper, card and plastic as plate materials.