Kate Watkins

Kate Watkins has been producing prints for over 15 years exploring a wide variety of print techniques. She is most drawn to etching and intaglio methods often combining them with photographic elements.

Watkins has been inspired by coastal landscapes which has been an ongoing theme since studying for an MA in Printmaking at Winchester. She has used print to take a multi faceted approach to representing and exploring our relationship with the structures and protective forms such as piers, beach huts and makeshift shelters. From an interest in structures and the meditative qualities of the coast she has begun to move away from figurative towards abstract works exploring colourful shelters and geometric forms echoing solace, protection and hope. This developed partly as a way to create positive spaces in response to reconciling with a family members dementia diagnosis. The colourful forms are intended as a meditative psychic space in which to take shelter and transcend everyday experience.