Katie Goodwin

Katie Goodwin studied at Goldsmiths and Wimbledon School of Art. She won the Jealous Prize for print (Wimbledon) in 2011. Her prints are in the V&A’s, Great Ormond Street Hospitals and Creative Cities permanent collection.

Goodwin made the Cloudscape print series to coincide with the release of her short film The Morrow (2017). The Morrow is an ode to settlements lost to the sea and was filmed upon the shores of the former Anglo Saxon port of Dunwich and on the Holderness coast in Yorkshire, the fastest eroding coastline in Europe where roads and houses tumble apocalyptically into the sea. The voiceover recites the words of the ever-prescient J.G. Ballard, “Nothing is as secure as we like to think it is” over eerie imagery of wartime pillboxes stranded on the beach.

The Cloudscape print series combine various printing techniques often made up of line layers which would animate if played back. Some prints are hand embellished with watercolour.