Kaz Dewis

Dewis' recent body of work is based around a series of photographs taken of insects. Overlooked, miniature details within an urban environment, there is only a brief window of opportunity to capture them as they pass through. This fleeting encounter, often lasting no longer than a click of the shutter, becomes the start of a much longer engagement, through the process of drawing, editing, and balancing the composition.

Working with woodcuts allows the artist to build up the imagery in layers, each print using at least four blocks. The idea of representation is tempered by the marks made when cutting the blocks, the texture of the wood and paper, and printing each layer as wet on wet ink, which often produces unexpected results. The possibilities of colour combinations are endless, allowing me to develop the image almost by chance, yet at the same time retaining an essence of the original source material. 

"I aim to bring a painterly sensibility to my prints, using colour intuitively and applying the ink in fairly thin transparent layers. Cutting the blocks with the freedom of drawing and the physicality of painting."