Kethi Copeland

Kethi Copeland creates original screen-prints capturing the diverse mix of London’s architecture. In her ‘Walk By The River’ series, the twists and turns of the river Thames are rearranged to create a continuous line upon which both the well-known and under-appreciated of London’s riverside architecture coexist.

Through the detailed line work of her architectural drawings and layers of screen-printed colour Kethi narrates the many-layered experience of being in a city, offering a fresh perspective on familiar surroundings.
Copeland continues her exploration of cities in her latest art works which focus on the high street as an indicator of change in a rapidly transforming city. 

The combination of delicate line drawing with blocks of printed colour highlights the intriguing cityscape and lends a distinctive style. To achieve this, the artist creates multiple stencils from her original drawings, building up each limited edition print with 8 - 20 layers of screen printed colour.

Kethi Copland’s family workshops were a popular addition in 2017 that she will be resuming for the 2018 edition.