Kitty Reford

Kitty Reford is a painter and printmaker engaged in a dialogue with the world. Her work engages with the staged, the imagined and the real and presents itself in a range of guises through drawing, painting, print and film.

The work presented here is from a series of screen prints offering a narrative derived from engagement with everyday objects.

This ranges from the simple staged ‘Semi-Detached’ birdhouses, which depict an almost identical pair of birdhouses made by prisoners. Hugely enlarged, (78 X 100 cm image size), they have been screen printed on wood and shown in several alternative outdoor environments. The edition presented here is printed on paper.

‘Semi-Detached, Photo shoot’ is a self referential screen print on paper showing one of the outdoor versions of the print being filmed. ‘Peak Stuff’ presents some stacked items from a huge personal collection of ceramics imposed upon a landscape to represent a mountain of sorts…’Peak Stuff’ is both the supposed name of the depicted mountain, and a reference to the consumer society that has engendered such a collection, and the feelings of ennui, satiation and excess the collection now engenders.