Laura Bianchi

Laura Bianchi is a visual artist and freelance illustrator, born in Italy and currently based in London. She graduated with an MA printmaking from Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, in 2017.

Laura's practice springs from a personal and intimate narrative, in which the relation to the medium is as important as the references she draws upon. The human figure has been a recurring subject of her research and practice. Her approach to the body is often sentimental, in the extent to which she focuses upon aspects concerning mortality and fragility, with a nostalgic look. Laura is inspired by a multitude of sources - readings, images, daily life - which come to inhabit her imagination prior to becoming new visual narratives. Allegory – understood as a non-literal form – has always been a valuable source in her research. Through her work, she strives to evoke rather than to describe. Drawing, which has been at the core of Laura's practice, allows her to develop her work fluidly.