Lauren Curl

Lauren Curl creates screen printed compositions which evolve from ‘found collages’ from urban environments which illuminate and bear witness to traces of human activity. Incidental marks and fragments of graphic shapes float across areas of chaotic texture juxtaposed by flat planes of vibrant colours and are united to form unique arrangements of familiar pieces. These abstract works are further embellished with physical surface textures evoking a sense of touch. This body of work takes its origin from layers of torn billboard posters, revealing a dada poem of today’s consumer society and inviting the viewer, as if cloud watching, to bring their own narratives to the work and raises themes about the dominant story-tellers in todays society.

Working predominantly with photography and screen printing, Curl achieves highly tactile surfaces using laser engraving and embossment to explore how a three-dimensional surface textures are transformed into a two-dimensional print, and in turn how we translate and interpret this visual experience through our haptic perception. Recent developments in more sculptural print structures with protruding corners, challenge the viewer to take a close look, a reminder to stay curious and inspired by our physical environment.