Leonie Von Geyr

The three bodies of work are based on the quite unusual and bloody Norwegian fairytale “Tatterhood”. Instead of focusing on a damsel in distress in need of saving, Tatterhood’s main focus lies on the love between siblings. The works consist of linocuts printed on cotton with oil and water-based ink, later ornamented with hand-stitched embroidery.

The style was inspired by tapestries, such as “The Three Fates” seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum, in order to pick up the storytelling aspect and recite the fairytale through illustration, rather than text.

The flowers stand for the beginning of the fairytale. The two girls symbolise the sisters, while the goat, cow and the witch, overshadowing the scene, refer to different story parts.

While the bigger work is focusing on the entire story, the two smaller works are focusing only on certain aspects, such as the bond between the two sisters and the bloody fate of one of them.

The colours mirror the darker undertone of the story, while the embroidery work highlights not only features of the characters, but also how they are tied together, how ties grow throughout the story but also how they get cut.