Liorah Tchiprouts

Liorah Tchiprouts work is deeply rooted in the practice of drawing. She builds puppets as the models for her work and draws extensively from life, especially on London Underground.

Her fixation with puppets started when she read about Zuni Maud in 1920s Yiddish New York, who co-founded the 'Modicut Theatre'. He used puppets, traditionally a gentile medium, and infused them with Yiddish Folktales and left wing political satire. Her puppets aren't outwardly political. But they are about people and ideas, and elevating the experiences of Jewish women, so in this way they are her own personal radicalism. And through making, arranging and drawing them, she perform interpretations of Jewish stories.

Coming from a background of printmaking, her work examines both the potential and limitations of print. The editioning process of printmaking leaves no original template, save for the plate or stone, on which the image is eventually washed away or destroyed. This is reminiscent of the idea of 'Jewishness' or 'the Jewish Woman' itself, an older generation leaving this world, only to leave an edition of ideas.”