Lisa Chang Lee was born in Beijing China in 1986. She started her artistic practice at the Fine Art High School Affiliated to Central Academy of Fine Art(CAFA). Gained a BA degree from Printmaking department in CAFA, Lisa moved to England in 2012 for the MA course at the Royal College of Art. She is now working and living in Beijing, China and London, UK.

Penetrated with the idea that 'mentality is always ahead of languages', Lisa Chang Lee’s work involves various mediums including moving images, sound, still images (printmaking, photography, drawing) to achieve an interactive stage of transmission between artist and the audiences. Whatsoever her medium, Lee’s work is always tactfully refined to be minimal and seemingly effortless. The intention anchors deeply to the oriental philosophy - the nothingness and harmlessness, revealing the artist’s perspective of individual existence, sensations, experience of time and space alternations.