Lisa Marie Gibbs


Lisa-marie Gibbs uses events in her life and those of others, as inspiration of works ranging from drawing, printing, painting, to photography and stitch.

Her drawings start from a line of beauty that comes down from classical 1950′s fashion illustration filtered through Elsa Schiaparelli’s 1930′s work. The line is fluid and harmonious, while the smudging gives it a contemporary twist and, at the same time, adds to the overall effect of characters that are suspended in time. The feeling is that of a dreamlike dimension, of a moment almost stolen from the life of the characters, of thoughts being explored and then realised into drawings. Sometimes, the drawings area like camera work: they frame stories as if seen through a peep-hole. When there is use of colour, the effect is that it is complementing the drawing not contrasting it. The blocks of colours shift from candy and jewel-like ones to a more definite palette of blues, reds, purples, whites and black. Their visual influence mingles her art of travel with that of modern art referencing.