Liz Wilson

"Things are moving faster, they accelerate beyond visibility. They sit beyond our reach, becoming intangible and separate from the present. Machines build upon a tempo accelerating at a quickening pace, rhythmically hastening and automating the present. Limbs performing a choreographed motion with a machine, gather speed mediating the uninterrupted duration of production."*

Gessler (2008) describes this world of re-appropriation from artefact to technology, a former time where objects are represented through ‘homo faber’ or man the creator.

Through this discourse Liz Wilson examines the transformations that occur when an industrial monument is removed from its origin and re-calibrated through technologies. These reverberations act as conversations between the past and present, simulating the possibility of evolution. In a world of increasing convergence between the real and the virtual, the silent pulse of the machine continues to beat louder and stronger, pounding against the pulse of time itself.

*Gessler, Nicholas (2008) ‘Skeuomorphs and Cultural Algorithms’