Louisa Boyd

The connection of the human experience with the cosmos is a settling constant, transcending ephemeral socio-cultural and environmental fluxes. With this in mind, Boyd often considers place and its meaning to an individual in her work. Her interpretations of the terrestrial and celestial environments focus on the connection between these two spaces. Louisa tends to work around the idea that many of us have a sense of place and that this is influenced by our natural environment as well as the people that surround us and the relationships that we have with those people. Representations of mapping, symbols of nature, as well as more abstract concepts about our individual finite existence and our relationship with home find their way into her pieces. She is currently working with a series of geometric forms called the Platonic Solids. Plato suggested that each one of these three-dimensional, regular forms represented an element of the earth: fire, earth, water, air and the fifth element, aether. A recurring theme in her work, aether was once thought to relate to the space beyond our planet or the celestial sphere.