Louiz Nielsen

Danish born Louiz Kirkebjerg Nielsen lives and works in London. She completed her BA in Fine Art at Middlesex University in 1996 and her Masters in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art in 1997. In 2000 she won the KPMG Art Award Sculpture Commission. She had her first exhibition in Copenhagen Denmark in 1988 and has since then exhibited her work in England, Wales, Germany, Iceland, Portugal, USA and China.

In her series of paper-cut, embossed screenprints, Louiz explores the theme of journeying into imaginary places, where the impossible is possible and only the sky is the limit. These cityscapes are constructed using photographs of well known and unknown buildings, trees and landmarks, each pointing to the sky. Tiny figures are standing on top of their worlds, dancing with their feet planted securely on the ground of the white paper.  Open doors break through the paper's surface to welcome you in.