Lubna Speitan

Lubna Speitan has been a resident of East Greenwich for 11 years. Working from home, she regularly opens her house to the community for Open Studios and recently won the Art Gemini Prize. The removal of a tumour in the spine left Lubna in a wheelchair for two years and subsequently on going health issues with which she used art as therapy. She is now in her second term as Disabilities Coordinator for the Greenwich & Woolwich CLP.

The serenity and stillness of London's night have inspired a series of monochrome 'nightscape' paintings. Exploring her own insomnia she often ventures out during restless periods and is captivated by both the humble and less appreciated small scenes and structures in comparison to the more iconic attractions of London at night.

“At times I venture further out of London to explore and study contrasting environments like the countryside, nature,rough seas at night - portraying the turbulence of life mixed with hope.

Speitan aims to capture ‘the spirit of night’ in its simplest of form both with ink drawings and by using a mixture of acrylic and oil paints to create the dark smoky matt background with variants of greys and whites enhancing the lights which portray an impression of the setting.

Inspired also by her political involvement with people with disabilities and illnesses, the artist is now creating a new body of work conducting a series of interviews campaigning and raising awareness of the nature of both physical and invisible disabilities. These interviews will be accompanied by paintings and linocuts to portray the struggles of living with disabilities and how society can further support each other.