Luke Sebastian Wade

Wade’s work is preoccupied with the notion of threat: threat of societal collapse and structural decay, the threat posed by terrorism and international conflict, the latent threat of weapons and instruments of destruction. He is fascinated with the seductive power that images of violence and destruction have over an individual as well as a global audience; particularly their ability to force inquiry and foster dialogue. Printmaking, traditionally used to disseminate visual information, is here employed as an interrogative toolset. In the present age of digital media, where images are as immediate and numerous as they are instantly forgotten, the role of the artist as mediator has become increasingly relevant He picks through the morass of digital information in search of salient imagery. Using the ponderous, methodical lens of intaglio printmaking allows Luke to literally draw out information from these highly charged images, emphasising or obfuscating them in the process. What he seeks are images that act as ‘signifiers’; signs of geopolitical tensions and the shifting tides of social change. By pushing this imagery through print processes, Luke seeks fresh encounters with difficult subject matter that contemporary digital media cannot afford the viewer.