Mara Cozzolino

Mara Cozzolino has been making prints from the age of 11, which spurred her fascination in prints and printmaking, practicing different techniques but concentrating mostly on Intaglio for many years. In 2011, looking for a more environmental friendly technique, she became attracted to water-based Japanese woodblock printing, or Mokuhanga, and since stuck to this medium.

“I fell in love immediately with the portability and non toxicity of Mokuhanga, and with the challenges of practicing woodblock for the first time. This technique poses several challenges for beginners but ultimately helped me find a new and more painterly way to makie prints.”

Cozzolino’s recents works are made with 2 woodblock, one carved with small holes that become stars, and printed several times with different layers and gradations of colour, while the other intricately carved to create branches and trees, and printed flat with sumi ink.