Margaret Ashman

Ashman creates delicately coloured original prints based on gesture, dance and sign. The stillness and silence of the works is not accidental, it’s often because her models are deaf. Each step or movement of arm, hand and body flows from a performer who speaks the visual language of sign. Whether signing or dancing without words, each gesture is intentional and resonant with meaning.

These two new works, Haysashi, which means ‘forest’, and Mori, which means ‘woods’ were created from video footage of the Indonesian dancer, Kezia Alyssa Sandy. She was performing a worship dance in a studio.

The trees were drawn digitally alongside the image of the dancer in photoshop and transferred to steel plates by photo etching. The drawings are based on memory and are not representative of a particular place.

These works continue an exploration of Ashman’s typical concerns of solitude, inner searching and longing.