Maria Kostareva

"I see my work as a tool for instilling mindfulness into everyday life. I focus on all those mundane spaces, actions and images that make up our daily existence. Even casual passers-by through Moscow’s many underpasses secure a place in my memory as bearers of meaning."

Maria Kostarvreva's work reveals the unseen - when we don't look. She describes her own reality as constructed of daily routines such as washing up or combing my hair.

Repeated hundreds and thousands of times everyday, these actions start to be seen as devoid of essence. In an attempt to cope with the hectic pace of a city, Maria strives for mindfulness by capturing and evoking those images normally endured only for a short while.

There are no faces in her pictures, except a reflection of herself. The images do not unfold into a narrative: they are nothing but appropriated moments.