Maria Positano

Maria Positano is concerned with generating spiritual meaning around the unknown, through the creation of physical artefacts and manipulation of organic matter.

“I deploy primary elements associated with ceremonies, time and decay: these include the elements used [fire, burned wood, metal and wax] and the processes applied [metal working, wood burning, casting].”

Recent work explores objects of worship, which seem to hold a life and a presence of their own. Positano has been reflecting on symbols, unidentified relics, objects of veneration and power, myths, monoliths, and so on.

“I seek the layering of symbolic meaning projected onto the object of worship, which turns inanimate matter into the icon. The object, as a result of an alchemical process, or shamanic investiture, becomes a representation of the human striving to reveal the unknown thing.”

Exploring the individual’s psychological engagement and immersive experience with the object, each artwork creates a charged space, representative of a portal connecting inside and outside, the spiritual and the material. The body of work aims to offer the possibility of glimpsing the most mesmerising effects of mystery, presence and absence.

By juxtaposing transient materials and physical presence, abstracted and symbolic, crafted object and sharp finish, the artist wants to create the experience of the self-reflection on the notion of being human.