Mat Denney

Mat Denney is an artist and lecturer (London College of Communication and University of Greenwich) living and working in London.

He took up printmaking and photography as a primary medium at Norwich School of Art in the early 90s, at the same time as he was introduced to nascent digital technologies. Since them he has used both analogue and digital methods in tandem to create art works that blur the understanding of reality, perception, liminal states, transcendence and modern folklore and how technology constructs hyperreal states — often from a queered perspective.

He uses language and visual jokes to leave clues for the viewer to decipher. Process is an important part of the artworks, and the final works often retain evidence of digital and analogue "errors" in the form of glitches and process marks; e.g. the hallucinatory stream of consciousness text in "Gregor" was generated by using AI software to translate a German warning message that was printed on a bottle of ether. He then introduced deliberate input errors to create the garbled "speaking in tongues".

He prints at Bainbridge Print and London College of Communication