Matt Denney

Mat Denney uses printmaking as an intrinsic part of the mark making and drawing process. Artworks are constructed from many separate analogue elements — pencil, spray paint, ink, paint — photography and found textures. He uses digital means to manipulate and composite these disparate elements back into a cohesive whole, before being transformed back into real-world "Photoshop" layers through screen printing.

Denney's work is often about the nature of reality and truth. The works often retain evidence of its process in the form of registration marks, tape, grids, partial erasures etc to draw attention to the constructed nature of reality: so the audience is permitted a glimpsed beyond the main performance to glimpse another world behind the scenes. He's inspired by graphic and logo design, propaganda, advertising, set design, language and wordplay — often from a queer perspective.

The "Vanitas" series (2018) is a modern take on vanitas and memento mori paintings through the lens of modern "hook up" culture.  Objects scattered on bedside tables are witness to the scene. The choice of objects reveal the fleeting nature of these meetings, and the temporary nature of beauty, intimacy and pleasure.