Matthew Lintott

Over the last two years Lintott has been developing a contemporary take on traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking techniques. Printing by hand using very lightweight handmade paper allows Lintott to play with tonal variations that could not be achieved by the uniform pressure of a printing press. Subsequently he has been exploring a technique known as baren-suji whereby he effectively draws on the reverse of the paper after it has been laid on the inked up block.

Everything Lintott makes is an original, one of one.  Like monoprints, they cannot be repeated. He will take many different compositions from a single block, as each outcome is unique.  In this respect the artist produces a ‘series’ of prints, rather than strict editions.

“I am currently studying the architecture of flight.  In this journey I have been struck by how the ecosystem of a tree and its birds is mirrored in behaviour and movement by the marine environment of fish on a coral reef.  Nature has echoing organic patterns.  I push my depictions of these natural forms to lose their identity and become more archetypal.  At this point they have the potential to move beyond classification, become undefined and be reimagined.”