Matthew Vaughan

Matthew Vaughan’s artwork examines industrialisation, destruction, waste and ageing within a contemporary landscape.  He is influenced and reacts to environmental issues and is driven by human societies’ effect on the landscape.

“We have the ability to - and an insatiable habit of - extracting, manipulating and ultimately destroying the landscape.  From sea defences to dams, broken flooring to quick concrete fixes.  Being driven by human activity, this environmental ruin is consequently temporary.  It is humanities existence, which we are ultimately affecting.”

Vaughan’s practice is concerned with some of the contradictions of ‘beauty’ and ‘nature’ within modern life. 

“Human societies toxic destruction and its subsequent outcomes can be considered as awe-inspiring and beautiful in their own right.”

His practice is rooted within printmaking. Printmaking, Sculpture and Installation are all intertwined in the artist’s thought process – he does not see a distinction between them. The viscosity of ink on paper, the physicality of a woodcut, soaked paper, acid residue and the precision of litho stones, all relate to the construction and de-construction of his installations.

“I use the strict, regimented and repetitive process of printmaking as a tool for forming ideas and creating my prints. These works are my way of beautifying and ilustrating my awe and fascination of a contemporary landscape embodied by the corruption of society and the industrial.”