Melanie Bellis

Melanies's work is inspired by buildings and urban scenes, her most recent pieces focusing on large scale construction projects. She draws on location in and around London and then develops the drawings made 'on-site' into etchings.

While drawing, the building’s construction progresses and she reworks and adapts to reflect the constant progress. The underlying theme in Melanie's work is change, recording a point in time before the building is completed and takes on its final form.

"I find buildings under construction visually dynamic and enjoy capturing these structures as they develop. I’ve worked with a wide range of printmaking techniques but since I first trained I’ve had an enduring passion for, and fascination with, etching. The process of etching is now central to my work. I work in many stages using a range of etching techniques to build the image in layers. This process means I can achieve intense line and tonal contrast, giving the final image a sense of impact, presence and place."