Michaela Wheater

Michaela’s work is primarily concerned with the passage of time. The notion of fragility, tangible traces of the past and of fleeting moments captured as memory. She is interested in the ordinary evidence of human life: objects and places imbued with a sense of the personal. Whilst at the same time also being moved to memorialize what is lost. Images evidence human involvement with and traces left upon artefacts and places.

In making the doll series the dolls, in entirety or in part have become powerful metaphors for ourselves: Our relationships and experiences.

Michaela is interested in the inherent characteristics of different print processes and is keen to experiment with how they might help construct an implied narrative. Recent work builds in flaws and imperfections. The evidence of process, history and the memory of a journey, both of the subject and the image making running in parallel. Made glitches are recorded as damage or recovery.