Misa Gott

Misa Gott produces intricate abstract images by cutting, layering and overprinting prints made using variety of printmaking techniques, mainly monotype, relief and collagraph.

The starting point is always her relationship with nature, one that was forged in Japan where the natural world is woven into the fabric of daily life. Instead of Us and Nature there is a real day-to-day sense of Us as Nature.

Nature is constantly changing, destroying and recreating in order to maintain a dynamic state. Gott’s work explores this constant movement: Yuragi (dynamism/ fluctuation) in nature.

She uses printmaking techniques to cultivate her work and relies on the process to facilitate a sense of spontaneity and happy accidents before forming the final images by cutting, rearranging and layering the prints.

Gott’s works are visual Haiku poems that celebrate the elusiveness and transiency of nature; their simplicity belying the complexities involved in their craft and production.