Neil Bousfield

 Using a relief printmaking process, Neil Bousfield’s practice explores landscape narrative and the concepts of transformation, change, and palimpsest of geography, time and place. The work here questions sense of place, attachment to place, and the value of place. It is about places you can no longer go back to and how place can be changed emotionally and physically.

Since 2012 Bousfield has made work in response to the environmental, experiential and geological narratives of the North Norfolk coast and the Broads National Park, providing a visual and historical record of these vulnerable locations. His relief prints are realised from drawings made on location and worked up in the studio using the processes of drawing, contemporary wood engraving and wood cut.

In 2018 Bousfield was commissioned by the Folio Society to complete a series of engravings to accompany a new publication of Wilfred Owen’s poetry published to mark the centenary of Owen’s death and Armistice Day of WW1. Two of these engravings, on show here, form part of this portfolio.

Neil Bousfield lives and works on the North Norfolk coast. He is an elected member of The Society of Wood Engravers and a fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers