Olga Krasanova

Olga Krasanova is a full time artist and printmaker; originally from Siberia, but now she lives and works from her studio in Dunfermline, Scotland. She has been a member of Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop since 2013.

Olga has graduated from Central Saint Martins, University of Arts and Design London with a Ba (Hons) Graphic Design & Photography in 2011 and has been involved in creative and artistic projects ever since.

Her work has been described as a conceptual figurative abstract quirkiness. She combines narratives and visuals in one piece hoping that the viewer would obtain more from the picture rather than just to give a pretty image. Olga finds her inspiration in everyday life, human relationships and her own experiences. She has drawn all her life and constantly doodles, and she enjoys experimenting with patterns and colours, giving the work a more natural and carefully detailed appearance, which reflects how carefully Olga considers the stories she is depicting.