Olga Krasanova

Olga Krasanova is a full time artist and printmaker; originally from Siberia, but now she lives and works from her studio in Dunfermline, Scotland. She has been a member of Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop since 2013.

The ‘ABC of Mothering’ is a humorous exploration by Printmaker Olga Krasanova and her view on becoming a first-time mother.  

“Motherhood completely changed my life. It is now a little bit chaotic and bewildering and as an artist I've tried to express this in my latest collection of work.  Before becoming a mother I worried about how I looked. Was I the right shape and size, was I attractive enough? I now realised none of that matters. My body is now a bed, a soothing space, a safe space and a source of food.”

Olga has graduated from Central Saint Martins, University of Arts and Design London with a Ba (Hons) Graphic Design & Photography in 2011 and has been involved in creative and artistic projects ever since.