Patti Taylor

Patti Taylor’s interest in printmaking originates from childhood; but has been since retirement that she’s been able to learn the skills and develop her range. From the precision and slow development of an etched plate to the immediacy and fluidity of monotypes, Taylor has discovered a process to compliments each concept.

“I enjoyed using my new etching skills for the small book Street S*** which was etched after a magicical day on Spurn Point, where I was entranced by the power of the sea on the landscape, particularly the eroded and rusted groins.”

Patti Taylor has produced two recent collections, ‘The Shell’, which evolved from a difficult period when her daughter went through five weeks of radiotherapy to remove a brain tumour.

The etching plates, created at the beginning of the treatment, use the shell that held her still during radiotherapy. Their tightness, fixed lines and inflexibility illustrate her feelings during this time, and how she imagines her daughter must have felt during the sessions: rigid, caged, trapped.

The chine collection offers hope, showing the tumour moving, disappearing. The cyanotypes followed the end of treatment. The golden ‘nugget’ changes and moves around, hopefully soon to disappear. The chemicals used in the process are poisonous and reflect the poison essential to treat her daughter’scondition. The prints are much more fluid and free and light and reflect the optimism we both now feel.