Paulette Bansal

Originating from a background in textile design, Bansal has worked as a designer, an art & design educator, and later also as an examiner on the Art & Design Foundation course. After that, she co founded a business creating digital artwork for commercial interiors.

In 2015 she completed the Complete Printmaker course at Hot Bed Press, and now prints and exhibit at selected print fairs & small galleries with a collective group called ‘Reveal Printmakers’.

Bansal’s work is generally about her observations of fractured environments and markings on the land beneath. Printmaking has allowed her to creatively explore this subject matter that she seem’s to unconsciously collate. Bansal visually recorded information when on the move, locally walking around, or a visit to new place through photography & notes. She records colour, visual lines and marks that filter into the printmaking processes she has adopted; etching, mono-print and carborundum. The element of the unknown often feeds the investigation.