Po Yi Bonnie Wong

Bonnie is a London based visual artist born and raised in Hong Kong. She works extensively with two-dimensional medium, including prints, photography, and books by incorporating them in installations. Her practice aims to provoke questions surrounding the norms of the authoritative nature of printed matters and formal information, such as maps, dictionaries and instructions. By collecting and examining these formal materials, and by researching on the history of places, collecting and altering maps, individualising them with annotations and drawings, she challenges the conventional truths that are associated with the production and distribution of these printed matters.

Her work can be interpreted as socio-political commentary and a poetic meditation on identity and migration. Bonnie’s practice is informed by the present state of affairs, where the privilege to determine identity and destiny is in the hands of a few authorities contributing to an unjust power structure. Her researches for the past two years surrounds themes such as tangible and intangible borders that separate different interest groups, the use of languages, Hong Kong politics, and the concept of ungraspable future and interpreted memories.