Rachel Causer

Rachel Causer’s work explores and challenges perceptions of brokenness, use and durability.
Inherent in the prints are a fragility and impermanence. Images of objects often mass produced and unremarkable convey subtle impressions of their past function - clothing, dish cloths, plastic packaging. The focus is on their disintegration; the language of holes, frayed edges, split seams, objects creased and tangled. 

“My recent work since moving to a studio in Woolwich, explores these ideas largely through relatively low tech methods of monotype and relief printmaking and drawing.  I am interested in exploring surface and the ways an object can leave an ‘imprint’ and evidence of its ‘being’ but also the ways in which we interact with the life of an object; the way my child chewed her cuffs when she was younger, the ever increasing moth holes in my clothes, or the repetitively worn threads of an old dishcloth.”

Fascinated by the concept of repair, much of Causer’s practice explores the emotional relationship to worn objects and the cultural preoccupation with the shiny and new.

“I am inspired by the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi; mending a broken pot and filling the cracks with gold as a celebration of its past history and as a mark of resilience. My work attempts to draw attention to the beauty in the flawed and broken.